mission statement

Daylight Coaching's mission

Daylight’s mission is to help you create a life that you enjoy living by facilitating personal development. Supplied with tools and theories from psychology and philosophy, we engage in an equality-based coaching relationship characterized by openness, honesty and trust. 

My vision

While I have a lot to say about this and would be happy to elaborate more face-to-face, I’d like to summarize my stance as follows: First, happiness is not something that you are simply “born with” and that’s that. Rather, it seems that well-being can be cultivated. Happiness is a skill, not a talent.

Second, In psychology there is no such thing as “one size fits all”. Because everybody is unique, ever person’s set of values and what defines a “good” or “succesful” life, is also unique. That is why, in order to know what you want out of life, you have to know yourself deeply. On a related note, it is good to keep in mind that there is no “quick-fix” for the struggles of life. 

Third, progress is not always linear and mostly occurs in small incremental steps rather than large leaps. But no worries! I’m here to celebrate any victory with you, however large or small! 

To summarize: my approach is tailor-made to your specific question and both science- and experience-based. Progress looks different for everyone and happiness and optimism are traits that can be cultivated.

Happiness is a skill, not a talent 

Professional values

The coaching space is one where you are free to be completely honest. Thoughts, feelings, fears, dreams and aspirations can be shared openly and everything you share with me is treated confidentially. In other words: it stays between us.
During our time working together, I will provide you with the right tools and new perspectives so you can grow into the person you aspire to become. Simultaneously I am continuously developing as a professional by attending meetings with other coaches and furthering my education.

I will meet you with acceptance and curiosity, no matter what your story is. By talking about your thoughts and feelings you will come to understand yourself better and get clearer on what to do next.

You can trust me both as a mental health professional and a human being to respect you. I will respect your boundaries, listen to you, and you can trust that your well-being is in my best interest. I trust you to share with me as openly as is possible, and I trust that you engage in coaching by your own will and are prepared in-between sessions to practice applying what we discuss during the sessions.

Staying true to myself is a value both in my work and in life. When you work with me you will get to know me not as a cold, clinical psychologist but as I am: a human being, also with goals and emotions. Finally I adhere to the professional and ethical guidelines of the NIP (Dutch Institute for Psychologists) which can be read online.